Tuesday, January 26, 2010


On my last post about bagels, Sticks said he used to eat lox and bagels when he lived in New York.  I have alway wondered what lox was, so here is the definition from Wickopedia:
"Lox is salmon fillet that has been cured. In its most popular form, it is thinly sliced—less than 5 millimetres (0.20 in) in thickness—and, typically, served on a bagel, often with cream cheese and capers. Noted for its importance in Ashkenazic Jewish cuisine, the food and its name were introduced to the United States through Eastern European Jewish immigrants. The term lox derives from Lachs in German and לאַקס laks in Yiddish, meaning "salmon". It is a cognate of Icelandic and Swedish lax, Danish and Norwegian laks, Czech losos, and Old English læx.

"Sometimes called regular or belly lox, lox is traditionally made by brining in a solution of water or oil, salt, sugars and spices (the brine). Although the term lox is sometimes applied to smoked salmon, they are different products."

In the pictures of the bagels with lox, the one on the top also has capers.  Here is the Wikopedia definition of capers:
"A caper (Capparis spinosa L.) is a perennial spiny bush that bears rounded, fleshy leaves and big white to pinkish-white flowers. A caper is also the pickled bud of this plant. The bush is native to the Mediterranean region, growing wild on walls or in rocky coastal areas throughout. The plant is best known for the edible bud and fruit (caper berry) which are usually consumed pickled. Other species of Capparis are also picked along with C. spinosa for their buds or fruits."

OK, so now we know!  Now whether we want to eat lox or not is another matter! :0)


Delirious said...

I love capers! I would eat lox, and I actually think I have. But my only problem with it is the texture...too soft.

lol my word verification is "phish" lox....phish...same thing. ;)

Mr. Giggles said...

I LOVE LOX! We had some on our Alaskan cruise. Love it! Any way I could get it on the ship!

Amber said...

capers taste sort of like spanish olives in a way, they're a very olive-y kind of thing but teeny tiny usually. I think you should try out the bagel with lox and let us know what you think!

Bullet for Babs said...

I think that looks pretty good. I don't know if it actually is, but I'd be willing to try. I love trying new foods!

Inklings said...

I love salmon,so I guess I should try those.

My word verification is nesse - Loch "nesse" monster on bagels???:0)

Anonymous said...

Today I introduced my 10 year old son to my favorite, cream cheese and lox bagels, not knowing what his reaction would be because his mom can't stand the thought of lox, I let him try it and much to my joy he loved it. I only wish I would of had some capers to go on it. I have also tried thinly sliced red onion on it and I like that every once in a while. What I've figured out is, my two sons have champagne taste on a beer budget.

Nene said...

Anonymous, I think we all have champagne taste on a beer budget. Even though I never tried lox and bagels while I was in Ireland, I did love the smoked salmon salads I had on a trip to Alaska one time. I think it's great that your sons were brave enough to try it!